Baby Shower Bliss Part Three or

I AM SO EXHAUSTED I could just colapse!..Its a happy tired though.

It was almost 80 here today.( Iam NOT trying to rub it in Jody!) So I fired up Jimmy ( think margarittaville) and started baking cookies. I actually tried this yesterday with no success. WH and I figured out my cookie deficiancy though. I dont have the patience. Cookies need patience. So I woke up today and decided to give it another shot! After all I have these cute cookie cutters I need to use.

6 batches later I have 4 ready to frost and I am calling it good!

In the meantime these whirling dirvishes whipped into my house and when they left my house was all girly decorated! Amazing these friends of mine are! Pictures tomorrow. TOnight I am putting my feet up, enjoying a refreshing drink, and then going to sleep.....

Have I ever mentioned how much I love parties? Ü


Jody said…
Yes, you are evil!! It rained, sleeted and hailed today---I want hot!!!
And now I know why i don't bake---the magic ingredient, patience, is not anywhere in my house!
Looking forward to photos....
Anonymous said…
i too am waiting on the photos!

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