Baby Shower Success

Now that I am back from Disney World I can update my blog! The baby shower was wonderful. The new mom and dad were very very happy and received a ton of wonderful goodies to help them out. At one point we know there were over 80 people here. The weather was perfect and we fired up the barbecue and margarita machine!I ran out of time so WH helped me decorate cookies!I thought he did a wonderful job Ü
Uncle was very pleased with his surprise. He carried it around all night.It was a hit. Although we may need to remind him the bib is for his niece! He kinda liked it.Lol

One of the guests brought this. its a little flower bot painted pink. On top is a styrofoam ball also painted pink. Add a beautiful ribbon and Walah and beautiful lollipop holder. I WILL be stealing this idea!

We put surprises in the punch.Lol
The very next morning my girls and I took off for Florida! I cant wait to share pictures. Now though I need to get out of bed and accomplish....something....not sure what...but something.....


Jody said…
Looks like a fabulous time was had by all!! (I will be calling you!!)
Ssanchez said…
Your baby shower looked like fun!


Sandra @

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