I Love My Crazy Busy Life!

Spur of the moment road trips! Great shopping experiences..
A very favorite store..A couple fun ones to give us a laugh.Seeing some wild things inside a mall!A beautiful wedding...Some wonderful visits. Throw in a little Rock Band

And you have an AMAZING weekend!

Friends I had never met and WH has known since childhood. Now I feel like they are family. I love the ability to just pick up and go!
Crazy week ahead. Baby shower on Sunday and then back to MN on Monday. Tuesday its Disney World!


TerriW said…
Boy! You ARE busy! I am going to Minn. in two weeks, but much farther north...looks like you had a great trip!
Jan said…
I'm so glad you found time for fun!! Go Becca!!
Jen Sue Wild said…
You are having way too much fun!
taylorsoutback said…
Too bad I am 66 - I would have you make baby shower decorations for me in a heart beat!! :o) Really cute things you have created - sure the shower will be a great success.

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