Baby Shower Bliss Part Two!

Before I go any further into Baby Shower Bliss...Does ANYONE know where YAYA is? Did any of you read YAYAs blog? She has disapearred and I have to say I am a little worried. I dont need details.Just yeah she is ok.That would work for me. I MISS you and your wonderful blog Yaya!

OK now, Day 2! Today my list included perfecting mini carmel apples! This was actually quite a day in experimenting.

It started with a trip to Wally world. I was on the search for sucker sticks...check.Apples....check.....sprinkles and nuts....check. Carmels.............................No carmels. I politely ask a sales lady.In which I get this response....Oh wait make sure you picture woman my age trying to look like she is 18. Wearing WAY to much make up, very tight clothing,overly bleached hair, and a wad of gum a ball player would be proud of......Yeah...o.k. she says " you want what? right.You DO know this is the wrong time of year for that.Thats a fall thing.Obviously if you didnt see them where you looked then we DONT have them!"

It took the will of god not to smack her. So I picked up a candy I thought might work...Come home and nope didnt work. So this means another trip to town and another grocery store. Success! Obviously tramp er I mean the sales lady from Wally world needs to get out more.

So home we go. Next round we failed yet again. Carmels melted right but we needed to add less water. Cut back on what the package says. We made a few more mistakes but in the end we had PERFECT mini carmel apples. I followed this tutorial I kyped off the net.

Pretty self explanitory with the pictures but follow the link if you want it in written form.Ü..The other little lessons I learned was that you have to cover the whole apple or the carmel slips off the part with no skin. It has to have something to stick too. Also I bought those little muffin cupcake liners. After I rolled the apple in caramel and then dipped it into sprinkles (or nuts etc.) I put it into a little cupcake cup and into a mini muffin tin. If any caramel did melt off it had no where to pool.It actually looked pretty cool and after being chilled for an hour it peeled right off the paper. YUMMY!

Ok so tomorrow I am venturing into the realm of sugar cookies! After I clean house of course. I have a dozen onsie cookies and baby bottle cookies to make and I havent settled on to the perfect dough yet. Any ideas? and favorites?


Jody said…
You are having waaayyy too much fun without me!!
Jody said…
Wish I could!
taylorsoutback said…
Your mini apples look terrific and your patience is so impressive! We watched a How's It Made last week - doing big caramel apples...the machine spins the apple so fast, the caramel can't slide off. Your Wally World lady reminds me of when we were looking for a new pair of bedroom slippers for Dad's May birthday...we were told they only carry them at Christmas - go figure???
Have a good rest of the week!

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