Super Tuesday

Here it is super Tuesday yet again. I do not feel like cleaning. I want to play.My butterfly piece is at the stage of quilting.The real work begins.I am excited as I came up with a new idea for it yesterday.The only problem is that I have a HUGE customer quilt on the frame.Its beautiful and she wants a basic all over so it shouldn't take long. Maybe if I get my work done today I can sneak out to Gracie House and finish it.That way tomorrow I can play instead of work.


Debbie said…
Hi Becca! Hang in there on the disappointment over your foster daughter. Regardless of how things may seem now, or even how they may seem to fall into place, you never know what kind of an impact you made in her life. I know just from reading your posts that your home was a place of warmth and welcome, a place where it's possible she felt love in a way she never knew before. Tend to your family now, knowing you did what you felt was right and offered yourselves, heart and soul to someone..........who I am quite sure, in the years to come....will not forget what it felt like to be a part of your family. And now you have a little red dot marking Des Moines, Iowa on your map!!! xoxo deb in Iowa

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