how do you explain to a non quilter how GOOD it feels to loose yourself in quilting? I wish I could share it.

I had a customer call yesterday and tell me that she wanted to drop off a couple baby quilts.HA. She dropped off six! I love her quilts.She embroiders them.So they are always very lightly peiced and always so much fun to look at. She also loves whatever I do. Gotta love those kind of customers. Plus now we have a lawyer to pay for.
While I was waiting I put in a couple passes on the quilt that was on the frame. Man it felt good. It gave me energy.So much so that when I came back inside I folded the sock basket. That is huge in this house.I hate folding it.So it piles up until there are socks spilling out all over the place and my hubby is gently reminding me that people need socks. Well now they have socks.
He also told me next week he is going to take Jerrod and they are going on sales calls.They will be gone a whole week.I am actually kind of jealous as they are going to drive up to Prudoe Bay. I have always want to drive that Hall road.Since Jer used to drive truck up there and would tell me all about it.Anyways, a part of me is sad but a bigger part is thinking a WHOLE week to calm down and get back on track.Quilting therapy,sleeping at night,not running and checking every door every five minutes! I think this is what we both need.He needs time with just the two of them.This will be a good thing I think.


Jan said…
Oh it is good therapy isn't it!! :-D I'm glad you are getting some quilting time in. I bet those baby quilts are adorable!!
Vicki W said…
Quilting therapy is the best kind!
Freda said…
Can't beat quilting therapy and the memories will fade. Hang in there Becca.
Smiles! Becca said…
Thanks Ladies. I am SO looking forward to it. I will miss them but they need the real mom back not this paranoid neurotic mess.Ü.So it will be worth it.

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