Need a Good Laugh?

I did today. Then just as I was about to scream I found this. It has ALWAYS made me laugh.I had forgotten I had it though.So today it was just like a present.Ü

Oldest daughter has been confined to the house with what her doctor tells us is a very contagious viral infection. Personally I think her doctor is smoking some funny stuff. Her blood tests were normal and she has been battling bad tonsils for a month.Hmmmm. I dont think it takes rocket science when that is ALL she went in there for but evidently it does. More tests have been ordered and she is confined until monday. Can you say lets drive mom crazy?

Then I found out a king size ALL feathered quilt that I mailed to a friend as a belated (like 20 years late)wedding, anniversary,housewarming(twice),congratulations on your 4 kids, yeah dont hate me because I am a horrible friend quilt NEVER showed up in the mail! I cannot find (big shocker there huh)the tracking slip. I did have it at one time in my hot little hands. So I know it was at one point in the Yes I am twisted as I am to the point of laughing.

So no worries for me I am laughing now. Tomorrow I will tear my house apart and find that stupidhead tracking number. I have no clue what to do with oldest. Send her to grandma maybe? Ü JUST KIDDING sort of.....I hope this makes you laugh!


Joanie M said…
Oh that is too funny!!! I just might have to put that on my Facebook page!
Jan said…
Oh my... I might have to find a new doctor ;-) Or at least a nice barrel of wine!! Hang tough!!
This audio always cracks me up.. I think its not so much the story as it is the guy laughing his butt off ;)
Thanks again for the fun audio and laugh.
rad6 said…
I saw your comment that said it was -30 and had to click on your blog... When it is below 60 I don't go outside either (unless I have to) but I relly dont see how that would be possible for you!
WOW. That is just too cold.
Yarni Gras! said…
omgosh, that is GREAT! Too funny! I love it when he said she 'beaned him with her Bible'

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