I did it! I broke my pfaff! Here I am just sewing away last night and I hear a clunk clunk. I didnt panic right away in fact I was quite calm. I couldnt figure out how but I truly thought I had just broke the needle. So I went to replace it. No big deal.
It seemed strange to me that the needle was not broke however. Hmmmmmmm. I decided to hand turn the needle up and down all though I didnt really think that was it as I have NEVER thrown my pfaff out of time! 18 years of owning my very own sewing machine and I had never thrown one out of time. My Gammill Gracie however is a different story
So in to the repair shop it goes. I have to tell you the timing of when this has happened really sucks! I have one week until we go camping. (motorhome camping I DONT do tents) Then I have 3 short days to finish up projects before we leave for Calgary for a week. Now this might seem like a good time for it to be in the shop because we will be gone so much but its not. I had wanted to finish a few things for an upcoming quilt show and the deadline for turning in is the day I get home! So everything HAS to be done before I leave. I do own a few (I'm not going to name a number as it sounds insane) other sewing machines but they arent my Pfaff! That one is my partner, my right hand, my best friend! I guess when I take it in I coud try groveling,pleading, and crying...............


Jan said…
I am so sorry Becca!!!!!! You were not trying to sew over pop cans now were you?! :-D Sending you a cyber hug that one of your back up machines (we never give away that number) can fill in just this once!! Have fun camping too!

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