Saturday, May 24, 2008

Its not Thursday But I have some thumping to do!

I know its not Thursday but I am still going to do some thumping. I will appologise to any reading this except to the person it is aimed at and I know has my blog address and I hope will read it.

To the person that vandalised our Vehicles. First off we KNOW who you are but I will not print your name here. You brilliantly wrote things on a few of those notes you wrote that only you would know. We have filed a police report and we have given them your name. The advice I would like to give you is this.
1. Get a life. Do you seriously have THAT much time that you can spend on writing 100+ nasty notes, toilet papering and saran wrapping cars? You need to spend your time more wisely.
2. Go BACK to school. Your grammar and use of words is pathetic. Either that or buy a thesaurus. I mean seriously even my 8 year old can be more creative. Not to mention you really need to clean up your language.
Last but not least
3. Stop and THINK before you basically sign your name to an act of stupidity. The problems that you have in YOUR life are NOT because we helped out your neice. If she hadn't come to live with us she would of went somewhere. As it is she chose to leave. You were also given the chance to leave your situation and you chose to stay. That was as I said YOUR choice.

( I know the next person will not ever read this but maybe some other moron who is credit card happy will )
Now on to the person that is having fun with other peoples credit cards. I know you think that you will get away with all this, and you might for a while. But someday it will catch up to you. You may be thinking well its ok the bank will just give them their money back. So they wont really be out anything. That may be true BUT as I said before it will catch up to you. I can wait for that. You were just a blip in my day. I am not even angry. Because I know that they will catch you. You stupidly went INTO the stores and gas stations to use a a fake card. Do you not realise they have cameras? You have actually made the fraud department at my bank kind of happy as they feel they will certainly find you. You also chose small town gas stations in the SAME area. I do hope you have had fun though as I am pretty sure it will soon be ending. If they dont catch you this time however I am sure (and I can sleep peacefully knowing) they will at some point.

Again I am sorry to just vent this out but I needed to. Now I can go on with my day and get some work done.

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