Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Recital Time

I look forward to and dread this time of year. End of the year recitals.On Saturday was the performance of CATS with the oldest. Last night was Piano, and coming this Saturday will be the big dance recital with my oldest, my youngest, and myself. We have rehearsals starting tomorrow night, they will continue every night until Sat.
This years honestly wont be as bad as it has been.Usually Jerikah is in just about every other dance and backstage is a madhouse with helping her get ready. This year she is just in the beginning production of CATS (encore performance), 2 in the middle, and then the finale. Astrid is in 2 in the middle, and then I am in one right after intermission. This is the time when I ask myself WHY IN THE NAME OF ALL THATS HOLY am I doing this?????
I cannot come up with any good answers except that in Sept when dance starts the recital seems so far away and not really a big deal! There is a moment or two right after we get off stage that I am happy I did it also. But I think that has more to do with the shot or two of tequilla that I took backstage. Maybe.
Anyhow, last nights piano recital was adorable. This was Astrids first. Jerrod is old hat at it since he has been taking lessons since he was 5. Astrid performed Big Black Cat and Jerrod performed Icebox. I have to admit though for as cute as all the kids were and as wonderful as they were also, ALL I could think of was the new episode of Bones and House I was missing! I am a horrible mother. Thank heavens for DVR though.Ü

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