Monday, May 19, 2008

Now its time for Summer

Dance recital now over,piano recital now over, today is the last guitar lesson, and Wed. is the last German lesson. Home ec is wrapped up for a couple months and we are ready for summer! I wish the weather would cooperate. Its still a little chilly and has been rainy.

Im not complaining though.There is NO snow! Friday will be a fun day as I get to meet someone I know from MQR. Very exciting to me as I dont get a lot of opportunity's for these kind of meetings. Carol is going to be in Seward for the day, as that is a stop on their cruise. I havent checked out the quilt shop there yet either. So yay for me!Ü

This week I have quite a bit of work to get done. My work load is back up again. I am also trying to finish my butterfly wall hanging and a bag for an upcoming show. I really really need a 48 hour day instead of 24 hours. So I guess that is my cue. Get up from the computer and get to work!

These pictures arent the greatest. The first is myself and a good friend Melinda in our Belly Dance costume. The second my oldest daughter is with us.This is the first part of our dance. You cant really see me but that is Jerikah in the front and I am in the middle row about 3 in from the right.My husband is NOT really handy with the camera so he didnt get the whole dance and his video skills are well.....

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