I'm Off Like A Terd Of Herdles!

Jody that one was for you!..Just a few minutes more and Lily will be here.Then we are off to Seward for the day to meet Indycat Carol. How exciting is this! I have my camera and am ready to travel. I even washed my truck yesterday (so of course it rained all night) on my way home from dropping my beloved Pfaff off at the repair shop...The diagnosis is ...timing.Ugh. I can retime Gracie but not my home machines. I need to take a class!

Here are some websites I found last night surfing. Awesome websites by the way.


I found recipes here for bath salts, bath bombs, and flubber! What fun will that be!


This lady has some fun crafty ideas.Especially for babies.


This lady also is pretty crafty and her ideas are awesome!

Have fun checking them out! Feel free to send me a favorite link of yours!


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