Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Freak twister strikes Kenai

This would be one of the headlines in our newspaper today! Its not April 1, so its not a joke. I have went back and read the story about 5 times just to make sure.Crazy.

At this same moment I was sitting in a doctors office waiting to see someone about a sinus infection. It takes a LOT to get me into a doctors office. No offense to doctors or anything. I am not scared of them I just prefer to rely on natural medicines. Even I know when to throw in the towel though. I have been battling this sinus infection for quite a looooooong time.This weekend I threw in the towel. I hadnt slept in days,hadnt been able to get rid of my headache and basically was coming apart at the seams.

I had tried everything. Peppermint, Eucaliptis (I know I slaughtered the spelling on that), A Netti Pot with Saline Solution, even a few home remedies that I wont explain,, I honestly dont think there is anything I hadnt tried. Enough was enough.Hubby had been on my back to just go to the doctors.

So there I sit and wait, and wait , and wait. I waited for over an hour. I was so bored I was texting my kids friends. Finally he comes in. I explain my problem. He reviews the papers I filled out. Oh and BTW WHY did he need to know about all my female issues? I am there for a sinus infection! Other end buddy. He then starts asking me what I have done to get rid of this. I start reciting the long list. He ends it with "have you tried acupuncture?" Are you kidding me?

I am sitting in a doctors office throwing in that proverbial towel and he is asking me if I have tried an acupunturist. I have shoved Peppermint and other oils up my nose, I have rinsed with a saline solution which is NOT pleasant, I have tried it ALL, that is why I am seeing you! At this point I think he thought it best to just shut up and get me out of there. He tells me "well it looks like you have a sinus infection".Lol...REALLY! He gives me some nasal spray and some little pink allergy pills. They are childrens chewables.

I can tell you this moring I woke up to NO headache! It is wonderful. Even worth putting up with all that yesterday. I will go back to all my natural medicines and oils as I do prefer them and will always use them first.

The bright side of yesterday was my Secret sister gift that came in the mail. WOWZERS!. I still cant belive how spoiled I am.Look at all this! I cant wait to use it all. I already have coffee in that mug.I will have to think of something really special to send her when this is all over. This is my second ss and I have been spoiled both times.

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