Thursday, May 8, 2008

What does your workspace look like?

I have been noticing others post picture of their studios or offices. I have noticed also they are all clean! Or cleaner then mine. I do try really really hard to keep mine clean and I actually do clean it every week before Home Ec. But....... I seem to have a very sloppy side to me. Because the night before Home Ec it will look like this again!

Now Gracie House, I do tend to keep that tidier. I guess because you never know when a customer might pop in.It still does get cluttered but it also gets cleaned once a week and being that it is only me in it it stays a whole lot cleaner.

One reason my sewing room isnt as clean as I would like it to be is that everyone uses it.I do mean everyone. The sliding glass door is one of our back doors and no matter how many times I threaten to throw shoes away they ALL get left there for me to stumble on.The dirt left is unbelievable. Hence the vacuum.
I am also going to use the excuse that I was incredibly busy this week.I busted out about 8 customer quilts,4 bindings,AND manage to work on a few of my own projects. Still though this is pretty bad.

So lets see your studios! I am curious is everyone as big of a mess as I am?


Deb H said...

Actually, I don't see a mess at all! It looks just fine to me. I can hardly walk around my room now with the longarm in the center, & I have clutter every where. Yours actually looks tidy to me!

Nothing like Alaska spring-breakup for mud, is there!

Smiles! Becca said...

O Deb you are now my best friend! Lol!
Break up in Alaska is sometimes worse the winter!

SewAmy said...

your studio is huge. I am jealous. I have a picture of my sewing room on my blog, but I thinks it's a few pages back.

Heather P said...

It doesn't look messy! Creative people need to have their tools accessible. So just think of yourself as creative!

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