Work Day

Back to work today! I have a few more minutes to enjoy my coffee then its time to dance with Gracie. I have a lot to get done too! I have 4 quilts to get done before next tuesday.I should be able to do it as long as I keep to my schedule. Ü Theres that nutso schedule again. Heres a picture of the last one I did. I dont have a finished picture yet as I am also doing the binding for this customer. The quilt did have its issues. Its about 40 years old and not made with the highest quality material. But I think it did turn out pretty well.

The next pictures are of my new best friends! That can of chilli kept the top from being entirely pleated. Love that can!

This ruler is amazing! I would still be out there quilting without it.

Last but NOT least is my wonderful steamer. I cant even tell you how handy this little guy was! We have bonded for sure!

This next picture was going on right outside my Gracie House window as I was trying to work. Chai (aka the cat that hates me) was trying very hard to figure out how to eat Lola. But Lola was just taking it as affection! I had a very hard time getting any work done from watching them all day!


WendyLou said…
Found your blog from a comment on Because I Said So. I like the map at the bottom of your blog. Does that refresh every day?? Or do the hits accumulate over time?? Just wondering ...

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