And The Apron Love Goes To!

KAY! I love random number generator.It makes this job so easy. Kay if you mail me your addy I will send this out to you!

Sorry it took so long to draw the number. It seems I have a touch of bronchitis. Then the painters didnt show up.So instead of snuggling in my bed and trying to convince my children they should wait on me hand and feet because I was dying, I had to don ugly painting clothes and paint......Ugh. Have I ever mentioned I HATE painting? I really really hate painting. I also hate how we get one room done and it makes all the other rooms look like crap. So then we have to paint those.

All right I am going back to bed. Maybe I canvince one of my animals to run to the store to get me a diet Dr. Pepper. I would rather have an ice cream but I am dieting.... I think I deserve the ice cream though.


Anonymous said…
me? really?

yea me!
Freda said…
Eat the ice cream! Hope you feel better soon.
Jan said…
Go Kay! :-D I think the ice cream is medicinal. And hey.... it may have less calories and more protien than the soda ;-)

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