This Could Be

My New Home. Our friends are selling their 5th wheel and after much discussion I think we are going to upgrade. When the house sells we will need somepalce to locate the family. I dont want to jump on another house right away as we are looking at buying land and that will take awhile. So we need a 5th wheel bigger then the one we have.
Then hubby can keep the one we have here for his trips back and yes Jan lol to rent it out! He is finally getting his way! hahahaha.
So the question is.......Is this big enough for my "stuff" 3 dogs, 3 kids and a slightly insane mom? I have a feeling my "stuff" will be in storage!
BTW what does one do when they still are sick, and banned from every room in the house except for their bedroom? SHOP! And Jody thinks I will be the adult and keep her from shopping? HA!
I did some real damage today let me tell you. A new laptop, an american girl doll, a new apron book (thanks Freda!),and a book on how to make doll clothes. Argh...........hehehhe I cant wait to get my goodies!


Anonymous said…
From someone who just spent the last 4 years (we finally bought a house in April) in a 40 foot, quadruple slide 5th wheel... I can honestly say, it will never be big enough!

Just the 2 of us, but 2 dogs as well. It isn't so much the "move around" space that's the issue, but closet space... enough hot water (RV water heaters take forever to heat up 10 gallons of water!) enough fridge and cabinet space... it just isn't there!

2 people can deal... I can't even imagine trying to divide up that space for 5 people. You'd all need the patience of saints.

Of course if you've got land where you could park right away, perhaps you could set up an outdoor kitchen, solar shower, and maybe even a supply shed while you build, that would help tremendously.
Jan said…
I personally hope you are living in that fifth wheeler ASAP. :-D And yeah... most of your stuff would be in storage... but... think of the adventure!! Hope you feel better soon!

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