Wonder Washer

Wonder Clean is the ideal washing machine to use in any place. It is virtually for everyone. It washes in the same way as the best electrical washing machine, but it does it so much more quickly and easily. How it works: It is neither MIRACLE nor MAGIC - It is SCIENCE. The principle of operation is based on the physics laws of pressure and heat. The hot water heats the air inside the container. The heated air "tries" to expand but is prevented so by the hermetically sealed container. When the expansion of the air is prevented, the result is that the pressure is built up inside the container. This pressure causes the soap and water to penetrate forcefully through the garment and the stains are released. Turning the container causes the previously released stain to be removed from the garment.

OK so what do you think of this? It seems to good to be true to me but I cant find anything negative on it. If it is truly what it says this would be most perfect for that 5th wheel living that is in my future. I may have to try it just because!

GREAT bloggy things are in the works. I finally made the plunge and am having someone design a blog for me. I saw the preview of it tonight and I am totally in love love love! I cant wait to show yall!


Jan said…
As long as the kids are going to crank that handle while you sip coffee, go for it LOL
Dusty said…
Looks interesting! Stopping by from SITS to say hello!
carma said…
Welcome to SITS! I've signed up for a blog makeover as well and can't wait :-)
Anonymous said…
Over from SITS. There is no way my arm could withstand all the cranking. I swear, between Mr. S and the two Wild Indians... our laundry never ends. Two things I can't live without is the washer/dryer and the dishwasher.
I am Harriet said…
Stopping by through SITS to say hello!
It looks interesting, but I'm too lazy to crank. :)

Dropping by to welcome you to SITS - so glad to have you join us!
RamblingMother said…
Saw you on the SITS roll call. Neat idea for a washer.
Jen Sue Wild said…
ZLove your bloggy look!!

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