the plan is this. tomorrow we start painting doors, I finish up sanding and painting heat baseboards ( BTW can they NOT come up with a better heating system for bathrooms then metal that will rust?), my sewing room gets more texture, and we finish cleaning up the paint in skater boys room. Oh yeah I also have to work most of tomorrow. Snot faced stupid head with texting problem will NOT be here.See my smile?Ü

Thursday/friday morn we get to paint my sewing room and carpet and new vinyl gets here. Sat we start putting things away and by Sunday I should be almost normal! Well normal for me. Do you think that things will go according to plan? Hahahahahaha. I sure HOPE so. Medication at this point is just not cutting it.

Either way friday night I am going to a party! Two of my BFF's are throwing us a very early early going away party. A tapas party. With Sangria and FUN FUN FOOD! I bought them these as a thank you gift. Dont ya just LOVE this? Of course I had to order myself one too. That way we can text each other no matter where we are and have a drink together.....Yeah now I am getting all sniffly. Pretty soon I will be doing the ugly cry.They are Lolita glamour tini martini glasses and I think I may have to order more!
Then I get to go play with my friend Walt on Sunday! WOoooooooooooHoooooooooo. I love Walt. Hubby tried to get me the limited pink grips but after waiting about 3 months we gave up. I luv him anyways! He is my friend. Hubby also got a lock for him and hid the key so that I dont get into trouble when he is not here. probably a good idea in light of my mood swings lately. (we also put the gun in a hidden location known only to us cuz of the 2 legged animals)
Right now I am watching American Idol and I think I might just love Danny,Adam,Scott, and Matt. Do I have to pick just one? I think one of my guys are going to win it this year.


Jan said…
I hope the plan goes off without a hitch or even better than you hope!! And that gracie has perfect tension, lots of coffee and tons of fu!!! That glass is awesome!!! Enjoy!!
Frankly Frankie said…
did you say party???
when are you ever going to find time to sit down & visit with ME? ha ha didn't think of that now did ya?
Let me know what day/days work best for you. I am going to see what Mark's sister is doing and try to make a day to stay with her. Look forward to seeing YOU!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday! Come back soon!
Hello! Good news for ya! You are a winner in my giveaway! Congrats! Drop me an email with your details! Shandcali13@aol(dot)com
Hope you have a great day!
sandy said…
I am in love with Danny!

I came by to welcome you to SITS! It's great to have you in the SITStahood:0)
Angie said…
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway! Good luck!

Good luck also with your move. When are you moving?

I am contemplating a HUGE move from Maryland to the Seattle area. It's stressing me out!!

Oh and enjoy your party!
Rachael said…
i hope you get everything accomplished so you can fully enjoy your weekend!

i am stopping by to welcome you to the SITS community, we are thrilled you joined!
Julie said…
Stopping by to welcome you to the SITS community :)
Joy said…
Just wanted to say welcome to the SITS community - we're so glad you've joined us. :o)
Lisa M said…
My husband used to have a Walt. It was his favorite, but we had to sell it. He misses his james bond days lol, but he now has his first gun back. a sigma.

Just dropped in to welcome you to SITS!
Brandy said…
Whew! You have a lot going on huh?!

I'd pick Matt.

Welcome to SITS!
angi_b72 said…
Just stopping by from SITS to welcome you!!
Anonymous said…
That sounds like quite the schedule. You definitely deserve to party on Friday.

Welcome to SITS!
Anonymous said…
Popping in to give you a big welcome to the SITS community! I hope all goes well foe you and your move to ND. I also saw that you had a page on the Apronista. There is another SITS member who runs The Apron Goddesses. She hosts a giveaway each week. If you are interested check her out.

Welcom to the club and hope to see you around!
Eve said…
I love a good party!! Stopping by from SITS to say HI! :)

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