Today He Is My Hero

As I have mentioned before I HATE painting. Lately though it seems that I am doing a lot of it.I do mean a lot. My poor hands are dry and cracked.My shoulder has a permanent cramp and I havent been able to work on my customer quilts. This guy has had to work out of town again and wont be home until tomorrow night. So today I get a knock at the door and there stands a friend who says to me that Wonderful Hubby aka my hero has called him to come figure out what needs to be done and he will be back on Monday to finsh! That poor man. He stood at the door as I yelled YIPPEEEEEE like he was wanting to bolt. I asked him if I could hug him but he didnt think his wife would approve so we just agreed that my hubby is a hero and I was very happy!
My hero ALSO arranged to have another friend come do the door( we have a new one) and replace 2 windows! My Hero/\

Ok so I am in the Fiesta Apron swap. Here are my two inspirations. I am a little scared of this one though. I dont know why but I am. So I am going to make some drawings up and start playing this weekend with it. What do yall think?

Ok because I havent shoved any little man photos down your throats lately I have to show you how much he has grown! He has chubs! Oooooh I miss this little man.

Now I know yall have NO idea who this is but I had to show you my beautiful friend who got married in Jan. I just love how fun this picture is. Jody you know who this is tho!

Tomorrow my goal is to work. I am behind yet again. That seems to be the normal lately. But for right now I am going to go watch American Idol and work on my binding.....What are you doing tonight?


Jan said…
I'm so glad you have a hero!! And some help!!!
Anonymous said…
help is good. a hero is a keeper! love the ruffles.
Yarni Gras! said…
oh! that inspiration for the swap
is so awesome!

I love the photo of the bride....
I love the photo of Jody bride ... actually looks like she might be the run-a-way bride ... lol.
Your man is sure a keeper ... in my house I'm the one who has to sort everything ... can't lend out a hero for a while can you?
OOroo ... B

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