My Opinion of Craigslist


We were challenged by a friend 3 days ago. To list our house while we are still finishing the construction with Craigslist.

So we did. Just on a whim. Not expecting anything at all. We are unoficially listed with a realtor, so that means we can sell it on our own.We have about 2 weeks to be done and then it will be listed with an MLS number. WOWSERS!

You cannot even imagine the phone calls and emails we have had. We had our first showing tonight. There I am, wearing ratty dirty painting clothes and my wonderful hubby is giving this couple a tour. We had thought for sure when they first got here they were tire kickers. But now we are not so sure.About 1/2 hour later I noticed they were in our lot looking. We have another showing this weekend I think on Friday. The best part though was right before our tire kickers showed up. About 5 minutes before we get a phone call. Wonderful hubby answered as I was perilously balanced on the bathtub trying to paint a hard to reach corner.

It so happens this man who does the VERY same work as Wonderful hubby is looking for a house with a lot next door to run his business. WOW! Needless to say those two had an hour long conversation with it ending that we would see him on Saturday to walk through the house! I dont know whats going to happen here and we may just get a ton of tire kickers but we really are happy with the exposure.I also listed a few other things with Craigslist and we have sold some. I am truly amazed.

I had never looked at it before or even cared what was on it. My opinion has now changed.I think I may look a lot more often at what is to be offered.


Freda said…
Way to go Becca. I hope one of those tire kickers buys it.
Jan said…
Whoo hooo!!! Doing a happy dance for you!!!!!! We have sold a ton of stuff out of the house we didn't care to move.... why I didn't think about listing the house itself... doh! ;-) Go Becca!!!! Hope it sells fast fast fast!!!

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