I was feeling a little guilty about joining a LOT of swaps. I am a swap addict. But then I realised it wasnt a bad thing. I love making things for people and I love love love getting little surprises in the mail.

So I am releasing myself from the guilt. I always get my swap done and I am always happy with what I send out. I so far have been VERY happy with what I have received. It has been obvious that my swap partners care very much about what they are doing too.

Right now I am also crowded into a little space with no room to pull out some of my bigger projects and quite honestly I am feeling very uninspired.These little projects like my aprons are exciting and fun.Here is my latest!

I dont know how to attach the link but her blog address in on it. I cant wait!


Jan said…
Oh we all need a little distraction to save our sanity!! No reason to feel guilty about that!!

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