Blithering itiot

That would be me.... Poor hubby is out of town today and for some reason I cant seem to talk to him without falling apart! I have decided today I am done done done with this house. I told him whatever was not done when the carpet gets here on Friday is just not getting done.If that is a problem I know where to buy matches....I think I scared him.About an hour later two workers were here. I of course did what comes natural to me.I went online shopping. Sigh.Depression does NOT go well with credit cards. But on the bright side I got a pretty new pair of shoes from White house black market. I love shoes.They look good no matter how much weight you gain or even if you just look well......


Jan said…
We definitely need to grab Jody and declare spring break!!!!
Jody said…
I'm in!! Where and when???
Jan said…
LOL Any place warm!!!!!!
Anne said…
I hope you're feeling better soon!

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

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