Thursday happenings

This is the movie we chose to watch last night. We didnt quite watch all of it as we all 3 had a lot of whining to do. We have a rule.We can whine and complain all we want.It ALL stays in that room or in Seinfeld language gets vaulted. Its all about the hugs and comfort of good friends. I cant tell you how wonderful I felt at the end of the night. A much much needed break.

On the movie though, hmmmm it was interesting. One I am glad I rented once but will not buy. It was good but different. I absolutely love both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. Well Hugh is just a hunk of burning man love.yuuuuuuuuum. And he does have a couple OMG shirt off moments.Whoooooo Baby! He just wasnt in enough scenes though. Its story line was interesting but odd. Anyways it was a good one to watch once. Next Martini night we have already decided on a movie. We found out that one of us (not me) has not seen Man From Snowy River.

Honestly I didnt think that was possible. I own my own copy and it is like the third one I have bought as I keep wearing them out. When I was a teen age girl I had decided I was moving to Australia and I was going to find Tom Burlinson (the actor) and I was GOING to marry him! When I met wonderful hubby I had all the money saved to go and give me time to find a job. Wow did I get sidetracked or what!

Guess who blew there top again this morning? And NO it wasnt me.Lol

Looks like this time we are getting ash. Nice pretty greyish black ash. So much fun to clean off of everything. Not to mention all with asthma and problems like that will have to take extra precautions. Wonderful hubbies gma just got out of the hospital from having pneumonia.She is 85. So oldest went to run her to the doctors to make sure she has everything she needs to deal.

On the bright side of it all. It is an amazing thing to live by a volcano. The kids have all rounded up their jars so that they can take ash with us to ND.



Jan said…
Glad you found a decompression chamber ;-)
I'm with you I love the man for Snowy River.. Return from Snowy River wasn't as good...but it is still worth the watch. Thanks for the review on the movie I was thinking about purchasing it with out viewing it first!!! The McGregger Saga (Man from Snowy River TV) was pretty good while it lasted.
Frankly Frankie said…
It is funny to watch the WHOLE TOWN shut down and people in semi-panic mode.
isk8jewel said…
Hi, visiting from SITS. Looking forward to exploring more of your blog. I can't imagine living near a volcano - what an awesome sight that must be.

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