Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The crazy Voices

In my head wont let me sleep.So here I am. Surfing the internet and putting the final stitches in my March UFO, Turtle Beach. I will have pictures to show of it and the beautiful hand dyed backing Vicki made tomorrow. For now I am cramming. Reminds me of my school days. I always did my homework an hour before it was due. Lol
I still need to put a label on it but I am calling it done with the binding. Some itiot packed ALL my pigma markers and cant remember which box. Crazy lady.
I am NOT putting on another picture of Mount redoubt even though she obviously doesnt feel she has gotten enough media attention. She blew again today at 4. I have been all irritated like at UPS because my box from banana republic is like 4 days late. Thinking oh great now I have ticked off them too! But the day was saved when on the news tonight they announced that DUH planes arent flying in.Do they know that I NEED that new skirt and sweater? I mean come on, I have important places to wear it.Like Gracie House.Ü. I feel bad though for all the workers.They are having to take a temporary non pay lay off until the planes begin flying again.Not good.
I have been on a roll lately. I am in a good mood so that isnt it, but my mouth keeps getting me in trouble. We put our 5th wheel on craigslist. The same 5th wheel we paid next to nothing for because it needs work. I listed it for next to nothing because well it still needs work. I have had the stupidist phone calls one could even belive. One lady who will probably never call back asks me all these itiotic questions like does it have a fridge. Well in the picture of the kitchen the fridge is right in the middle of it! She keeps on asking questions until I had enough. She asks me well I suppose it needs some work then because of the low price? Before I could even stop myself I said nope we just love to sell things really really cheap.I doubt she will be looking at it.My Glenn just shook his head and suggested maybe I should stop answering the phone.
we have like 20 realtors coming though our house tomorrow. Thats not intimidating at all. Lol. I am going to disapear to Gracie house and try to catch up on all the work I have not done this last month. I dont want to see any of them because if even one of them criticizes something I may smack them! Wonderful hubby actually suggested I leave town but if I do that I may wind up in Jans back yard with my martini glass! lol
Ok I think its in my best interest and yours that I take a sleeping pill. My quilt is done and I am going to need that sleeping pill with the sound coming from my wonderful hubby! I swear sometimes I look at my pillow and think hmmmmmmmmm. JUST KIDDING! I did however suggest to him that he take the kids a they go out of town for a couple days.hahaha.Peace and quiet and sewing ALL the time.Not to mention atleast one snore free night. One can dream cant they.


Jan said...

Come on over!!!!!!!!!! I was looking at a recipe card for chocolate martini's just last night. You know it is serendipity when someone mails you a recipe for an adult beverage and you actually have all the ingredients needed ;-)

I hope the house sells really really fast and the fifth wheeler phone calls are magically redirected. I need a laugh or two myself this week. Maybe it is the moon phase.....

Rocksee said...

That darn volcano!

One of my best friends lives in Palmer, she says the lights have been going on and off in her house for 2 days.. they blink on, then they blink off.. on off on off..

I don't know if that's volcano related or she's just a lil nutty from all the ash she's sucked in.


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