I am So boring!

I really really am! I am ok with this though.Last year my life was anything but boring. Who knows if I will be able to say this next month but for right now i am boring. All I accomplished today was two mattresses for Youngests American girl doll beds and a hem on her skirt.Lol. All I could think about was marathon napping. So I did.Marathon nap that is. Ahhhhhhh It was so nice. Contractors everywhere.House being destroyed and I was snoozing. Life is seems soooooo good after a good nap.I wonder what i will accomplish tomorrow?


Anonymous said…
that's a great job if you can get it becca. we've rain with a bit of thunder this morning-PERFECT for napping!
Freda said…
I love boring. It fits me perfectly. Hope you have a great Sunday.
Jan said…
Boring is good! Napping is great!!! Hope today is even more boring!!!!! Filled with coffee and mimosas served to you on that nifty red tray!
Shangrila said…
I am so impressed that you were able to nap with contractors in the house-I'd have been a nervous wreck! Then again, naps are goo-od. :)

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