The youngest and I went on a field trip yesterday. She has outgrown everything she owns and needed a couple new pairs of shoes. (which BTW at the age of 9 she wears a womans 6.5!) I thought we should go get her some material for shorts n stuff. Look at ALL I found and almost all of it was 40% off!

We also decided to hit Gottschalks since they are going bankrupt and closing all their stores. Honestly the sale wasnt that great. The Dooney & Burke I want is cheaper if I get it on the website.Sigh. But I did find a great prize.Ü. 2 Lolita wine glasses and 3 Lolita Martini glasses! Also boa wine glass slippers.EVERY girly girl needs a few of these.

The practical side of me thought we needed the Fiesta plastic tray in red for the fifth wheel. That way wonderful hubby can serve me my martinis in bed.BIG GRIN.

This is a little dog blanket I made for a friends new puppy. Seriously.The puppy loved it and was dragging it around.It was so cute.I love puppies.

My mom has been on me to get some pictures for her of the family. There is a reason we pay professionals to do this! My patience and blood pressure were both in serious danger. I gave up before trying to use the self timer for a family photo. These were the best of the lot.

You notice skater boys expression never changed! Not to mention he is in serious need of a haircut. It was a complete and utter disaster that I am not going to repeat any time soon. And people wonder why I need medication............



Jan said…
I have not seen that fiestaware tray! Perfect for serving martinis!!! Love the glasses and slippers!!!!! A is going to look so cute! As for the family pics... they are good! But yup... once you start running back to the camera after setting self timer... chaos... LOL
Carlotta said…
You are too funny. The pictures look good. Your 9yo reminds me of mine. She'll be 10 this month and wears a ladies size 8. And skater boy tickles me. My 7yo is like that already. He just will not smile for the camera.
~Tootles for now!
Great Deals! I love a good bargain! Maddy is 6 and she is going to be in my clothes very soon at this rate!
Fresh Mommy said…
Oh we just had to do the same for our girl, it seemed that overnight nothing fit anymore!! Great deals! That blanket is too cute... and your photoshoot sounds like a blast, LOL.

Debbie said…
You guys are toooooo cute:))

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