Hi Yall!

I couldnt come up with a good title so i thought I would just say hey!Ü

I came downstairs to this today.

I Guess the moral of this story is that you should never ever trust your older brother when he is holding duct tape!This is what is and was on the fram today. This little (NOT SO) beauty is a 120x118. I swear this woman is trying to carpet her home with quilts.
THis was a sweet little quilt thrown together for a grandaughter. She used all scraps and pretty much whipped this up in a night.Amazing.It also layed flater then any of mine ever have and was a joy to quilt.

This is what I whipped together this weekend. My youngest also known as the letter A and number 9 is outgrowing her clothing faster then I can keep up with.So I purchased 1 yard of material from Joannes.I dont know what it is called but its just a light cotton and the top is all gathered. I measured around cut off the extra then sewed it up using french seams. From the extra I cut ties and the bow. I put whit ribbon around the bottom and on the bow.It took maybe 3 hours.Walla! Summer dress. I am SO going back and buying every other print they have!

The bow looks terrible because I honestly cant tie a bow if my life depended on it. I need a good bow tier around here.



Tammy said…
Hi from the SITStahood. Love the quilts. They are so darling.
Freda said…
That is one cute dress Becca. Never trust brothers with anything in their hands!
Jan said…
Nope....never trust a brother.... at least they left the house alone LOL LOVE that butterfly quilt!!!!!
Vicki W said…
That fabric for your daughter's dress was all the rage when I was her age.....and that was 40 years ago!It was great because you could make a dress in about 10 minutes.
Kriste said…
Hi from SITS! Never trust a brother with duct tape..lol! Those quilts are beautiful.
Rocksee said…
That dress is wonderful! And the butterfly quilt is amazing. My momma quilts, and tried teaching me once, but I am quiltlexic, I couldn't quite get it!

I thought you had duct taped her!
Christy said…
Those quits are beautiful!

Leaving some love from SITS!
TurtlePress said…
Just stopping by to see what a fellow Turtle was up to. Love the quilts and the dress. Could do without the duck tape though! Brothers can be so fun...
found you at SITS...love that dress!
Tulsi said…
I'm taking a beginning quilt class as I've never learned and wanted to. I'm happy with it. They said after it is all layered I can rent there machine thing to quilt it. I have a wooden loom at home for hand quilting. I'm not sure which to use.
I love the quilts you pictured here and can't wait until I have some to post!

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