Destruction is VERY

good for me!

Our realtor walked through the house today with a couple that is very interested.But they pointed out from an objective source why we are getting the negative. AHA! It all truly does make sense. We upgraded the downstairs so much that it just made the upstairs look so outdated. They want to look at the house again but only if these things are done. SO we hired 3 contractors to come in and start blitzing tomorrow.She is not taking it off the

list but will only show to certain ones so that she can explain what is being done to the house.I Actually felt a huge releif. Its all surface crap that be easily changed they just dont want to be the ones to do it.We really had our priced to sell but they dont see the investment.So now that we have to sink more money then the mortgage payment just got high too!

So tomorrow I am going to finish up a couple projects and then keep destroying tilePhotobucket


Freda said…
I hope that thing sells fast Becca. Sorry you have to do all the extra work.
Jan said…
Oh I love demolition! So very therapeutic!!!
bummer about having to do new things for a house you are selling. Hope it goes quick though. There will be a box in the mail for ya tomorrow, sorry it has taken forever. I totally dropped the ball and got too caught up in the crazyness going on. Keep an eye out for it.
Best of luck on the move! The demo looks like lots of fun!
Call me if you have cleaning questions!
Ashley said…
Looks like fun!! And hopefully all that work will pay off!

Stopping by from SITS!
TurtlePress said…
I'm just catching up on your blog, so I'm not sure how long your house has been on the market, but I can tell you that we went through a bunch of people before we sold - and that was when the economy was good! You've obviously put a lot of hard work into your house, so I know it's gotta sting when people are negative. Hang in there - I hope the demo/remo goes well!

By the way, what is your dream mobile? ;-)


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