Spoiled is me!

How lucky am I that Val gave Jody my name in the fiesta swap! First off she is one of my closest BFFs. So this apron is extra extra special. But she also knows me so well its scarey! She boought me two pretty red fiesta shakers! Oh yeah, doin the snoopy dance here!
She also included an awesome recipie from her Hubby. He is just as wonderful of a cook as my wonderful hubby so I cant wait to try it!I of course am waiting to the last minute to make mine. Not really on purpose it just seems to be working out that way. I did however get my Booming March Apron done. I did not finish the nect tie however as that she will have to fit to her. I actually made two of these. One is for a swap that got misplaced.

Well we know where it is but its confusing. Oldest sent the apron off to the wrong addy. Thats ok though. I have to say I am not crazy about this pattern. Probably wont make it again. Its impossible to size any different then you see and it isnt lined. Yeah I dont like that. It looks unfinished on the back and too thin. Aprons are supposed to be sturdy.

Now EVERYONE but JODY guess what! JODY close your eyes and dont read this, K? We have a house showing tomorrow and then again before the end of the week! Craziness. It just has been on the market one week. Our realtor is really excited about both lookers. It wont be her showing though so we will have to wait for feedback.That might just kill me!



Rocksee said…
I am hoping and praying that your house will sell!!! And those aprons are saucy!

Have a good day!
Jan said…
I hope you are in that fifth wheel by May 1st cruising down the road!!!!! :-) LOVE all the aprons!! You & Jody both do such good aprons!!!!
Brittany Ann said…
I hope the showings go well. It hasn't been too long since we sold our house and bought a new one. Wish you luck! Just stopped by from SITS.
Kelly Deneen said…
How fun!! Gifts always make a person feel good. Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!
kel said…
Visiting from SITS.. those aprons are adorable!
Suzi said…
Love your new apron!

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