I cant believe

Its been 15 years that ER has been on T.V.I started watching with the very first show. I will admit that I stopped watching it about two years ago. it just had changed too much for my taste.I had to watch the final show though. They did a good job on it I thought. Nice to see the old faces back. I loved how they brought Reece and Rachel into it also. I sat there thinking how did they get that big! Wow talk about reality check. Lol. Its just a T.V. show!
I have a bear of a quilt on the frame right now. Its beautifully done.Lays flat and all that but its HUGE! And its all fish.I do mean ALL fish.I am also using a pantograph of you guessed it fish! I am sick sick sick of fish. I have about 5 more passes on this puppy to do and I can get it out. I didnt realise it was going to be so big when I loaded it. 119x120. Oy vey.
I am going to have a hard time getting a UFO finished this month. I may have to stop taking quilts in sooner then I was hoping too. I just am barely keeping up with the house and making sure it is realator perfect all the time. I wanna play! Wonderful hubby says to me yesterday. Wow I love the house like this. You should keep it like this more often. I really truly thought he was serious until I saw the gleam. That can I get her to blow a fuse gleam. I dont mine though. I am sure there are plenty of housekeepers in ND! Ü


Jan said…
That June Cleaver mode is an energy and time sucker isn't it?! Hope you sell fast!!! I had to watch last night too. They kind of left that open for more movies or something now didn't they ;-) I loved a couple weeks ago when they brought back the old cast. I had not watched it in years.
Rocksee said…
I am with you on the ER.. I stopped about 2 yrs ago too.. It was sad though to see it go.. I had alot invested in that show! :)

Hope you had a great day girly!
Anonymous said…
I don't think there are any housekeepers in ND! We'd rather quilt!

I had to watch the final ER also. Haven't kept up with it for several years but did enjoy the final one.

Have a good weekend!

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