Ice Road Truckers and a 20

Year old girl.I hadnt told yall becuse I was living in a state of denial. Its my favorite state actually but that is another story. If you had asked me this weekend where my oldest daughter was I would of told you she was driving with the Ice Road truckers. She really was too.

Oldest daughter was driving Pilot truck for an oversized load headed to Prudhoe bay. She drove the haul road. A road not many men will even drive. She said she prayed over many of the passes mainly the Attigun Pass but many of the others too. I had to laugh when she called me from Cold foot to tell me excitedly that she had met a couple of the Ice Road truckers as they are there filming. She was able to see a little of the filming too.

On the web page for that t.v. show they make a statement that the road to prudhoe is driven by fearless tough men.Lol. They need to add And one 20 year old girl! I am really proud of her. I am such a powder puff and scared to try anything new. I dont know how I was blessed with her. She trys it all. She had so much fun she is going to drive a few more times!

She did have a very bad experience today though. She was driving her pilot truck into the shop to get repaired and just as she went to drive acroos one of our bridges she saw a man jump. He evidently decided to commit suicide by jumping into our still mostly frozen Kenai River.She pulled over and called me bawling. She waited to talk to the police and then met up with her dad so he could bring her home. She is having a hard time dealing with it tonight and its breaking my heart.

I have to warn you I have a BUNCH of pictures to share.I dont know why some of them are sideways though. I got them turned the right way but they still uploaded sideways.
This first is for a swap I did for We The People.It is a project out of the Anna Marie Horner Book Seams To Me.. I have to say it is an AMAZING book! I am getting ready to send this off but I am going to make more. It was fun and very easy! This is my vintage Apron and vintage towels I am getting ready to send off to my Vintage Apron swap partner. Again I have NO clue what is going on with the picture. But if you have a lap top just hold it sideways.Ü. I love this apron. It is supposed to have buttons down the front but my button hole attachment and I are not getting along. So I just put snaps on.

Sheesh now these ones turned the right way.Aggravating a little. This one I made after coveting a few I had seen on blogs but not having a pattern. Now that it is finished of course Brassy Apple has a pattern out. I used two napkins I bought in Hawaii about a gazillion years ago and was supposed to put in Turtle Beach but couldnt find.Lol. I love love love how it turned out.This apron I made 3 of. The other two were sent out already. I made them for the Fiesta Apron swap but used green ball fringe on the one that went out.Hehehe Mine had to be red ya know. I love how sassy it looks.Good grief looking at this picture I just noticed I um look a tad bit larger then I am. Really it is the angle of the mirror!
Tomorrow I get to do some more destruction.hehehe. ALL the tile in my bathroom has to come out. I have some more aggression I need to get out of my system so this works for me.
Oh yeah and my dream mobile will be here in less then a month! For those of you who asked it is a Buick Enclave. Its a dream to me because it will have a GPS. Now when I drive out to North Dakota I can find my way to ALL the quilt shops AND find my way home again. Skater Boys biggest nightmare he says is that he will have to chauffer me all around because I wont ever find my way home.Lol


Great projects! (sometimes my pix post sideways too. don't know why)
Jan said…
You are taunting me with aprons. Aprons that could be made easily out of napkins..... or so you try to make it seem.... argh. They are all so pretty!!! I love your daughter's spirit!! Let her help with destruction today. She made need it too!
Freda said…
Love the aprons Becca but I gotta tell you, I'm in awe of your daughter.Lynn & I watch very few reality shows, we don't even watch American Idol or DWTS! However we do like Ice Road Truckers and they really have some difficult jobs. Sorry your daughter also had to see the suicide, that had to be very frightening. Hope she is feeling better soon and is back on the haul road!
Yarni Gras! said…
what wonderful projects you've completed! love everything...but that FIESTA apron is CALIENTE! (heehee)
I hope your daughter feels better...that had to be horrible to see.
Cher said…
hehe..I don't think GPS systems work in "NorDakata" like they do normally.. It will tell you, "Take a left after the 2nd cow. Continue driving until you reach the 5th bar on the right, then proceed with caution as you cross the water flooding the road." hehe... Thought I'd stop by again to make fun of my homeland! :)
Rocksee said…
I love the aprons first off.

Secondly WHAT A COOL job your daughter has.. I think that is awesome! What a tough chick.

And thirdly, I am sorry she had to see that. That is a terrible thing to have to be a part of.

big prayers to her and her safe travels up the haul rd!
Shawnee said…
LOVE the red ball trim ... I used a TON of pom trim on my Fiesta apron, too!!

I told my hubby about your DD's driving -- he loves Ice Road Truckers and is VERY impressed!

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