Just Because

I havent posted a picture of my little man in a while. He is showing off his new John Deere boots. I feel like I am missing out on so much of his growing up! I need a snuggle from him really really badly.
Today we got the first set of feedback on our house. I am glad we got it but I also wish I could put a boot up something.They were not nice at all. The realtor (ours) was ticked off. I know its all subjective.But its like showing off your kid. They obviously were not the right people for the house and I am fine with that but dang be a little nice! They said we should drop the price substantially( I probably spelled that wrong). We are way below the market analysis and below appraisal! Our house is over 3000 sq feet with two master suites! The kitchen had a 35,000 make over last year. Argh. Stupid head kacky people.
OK I am off my rant. I didnt want them to have it anyways! HAH. Piffle on them. I did get some very very good news today. My car my little dream mobile is being built this next week with a delivery date of the 20th of next month! WOO HOO snoopy dancing. I need to do a blog contest for a name.What do yall think?


Jan said…
Sounds like they want your house, but they want champagne on a beer budget. Hang in there!! Little man pic is enough to put a smile on anyone's face!!!!! Make hubby serve some martini's on that fiestaware plate in the fifth wheeler during the next showing :-)
Stesha said…
Sorry about the house, sounds like a crappy situation.:( Your little man...well he is such a cutie pie:)

Hugs and Mocha,
Rocksee said…
I agree with Jan. It's a ploy to get you to drop the price so they can swoop in! Don't give up girl..

And those boots are great! What a cutiepootie!
Anonymous said…
Show pic of mobile and we will name it ......what fun.
Poo on some people, they are just pickeeeeeee.
Little man looks exstatic.

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