Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Baby Boy

Ohterwise known as skater boy, boarder boy, or my challenged one GETS HIS LICENSE today! Am I really this old? Can this truly be??? Oy Vey I need that martini, really I do!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

I am So boring!

I really really am! I am ok with this though.Last year my life was anything but boring. Who knows if I will be able to say this next month but for right now i am boring. All I accomplished today was two mattresses for Youngests American girl doll beds and a hem on her skirt.Lol. All I could think about was marathon napping. So I did.Marathon nap that is. Ahhhhhhh It was so nice. Contractors everywhere.House being destroyed and I was snoozing. Life is seems soooooo good after a good nap.I wonder what i will accomplish tomorrow?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ice Road Truckers and a 20

Year old girl.I hadnt told yall becuse I was living in a state of denial. Its my favorite state actually but that is another story. If you had asked me this weekend where my oldest daughter was I would of told you she was driving with the Ice Road truckers. She really was too.

Oldest daughter was driving Pilot truck for an oversized load headed to Prudhoe bay. She drove the haul road. A road not many men will even drive. She said she prayed over many of the passes mainly the Attigun Pass but many of the others too. I had to laugh when she called me from Cold foot to tell me excitedly that she had met a couple of the Ice Road truckers as they are there filming. She was able to see a little of the filming too.

On the web page for that t.v. show they make a statement that the road to prudhoe is driven by fearless tough men.Lol. They need to add And one 20 year old girl! I am really proud of her. I am such a powder puff and scared to try anything new. I dont know how I was blessed with her. She trys it all. She had so much fun she is going to drive a few more times!

She did have a very bad experience today though. She was driving her pilot truck into the shop to get repaired and just as she went to drive acroos one of our bridges she saw a man jump. He evidently decided to commit suicide by jumping into our still mostly frozen Kenai River.She pulled over and called me bawling. She waited to talk to the police and then met up with her dad so he could bring her home. She is having a hard time dealing with it tonight and its breaking my heart.

I have to warn you I have a BUNCH of pictures to share.I dont know why some of them are sideways though. I got them turned the right way but they still uploaded sideways.
This first is for a swap I did for We The People.It is a project out of the Anna Marie Horner Book Seams To Me.. I have to say it is an AMAZING book! I am getting ready to send this off but I am going to make more. It was fun and very easy! This is my vintage Apron and vintage towels I am getting ready to send off to my Vintage Apron swap partner. Again I have NO clue what is going on with the picture. But if you have a lap top just hold it sideways.Ü. I love this apron. It is supposed to have buttons down the front but my button hole attachment and I are not getting along. So I just put snaps on.

Sheesh now these ones turned the right way.Aggravating a little. This one I made after coveting a few I had seen on blogs but not having a pattern. Now that it is finished of course Brassy Apple has a pattern out. I used two napkins I bought in Hawaii about a gazillion years ago and was supposed to put in Turtle Beach but couldnt find.Lol. I love love love how it turned out.This apron I made 3 of. The other two were sent out already. I made them for the Fiesta Apron swap but used green ball fringe on the one that went out.Hehehe Mine had to be red ya know. I love how sassy it looks.Good grief looking at this picture I just noticed I um look a tad bit larger then I am. Really it is the angle of the mirror!
Tomorrow I get to do some more destruction.hehehe. ALL the tile in my bathroom has to come out. I have some more aggression I need to get out of my system so this works for me.
Oh yeah and my dream mobile will be here in less then a month! For those of you who asked it is a Buick Enclave. Its a dream to me because it will have a GPS. Now when I drive out to North Dakota I can find my way to ALL the quilt shops AND find my way home again. Skater Boys biggest nightmare he says is that he will have to chauffer me all around because I wont ever find my way home.Lol

Monday, April 20, 2009

Destruction is VERY

good for me!

Our realtor walked through the house today with a couple that is very interested.But they pointed out from an objective source why we are getting the negative. AHA! It all truly does make sense. We upgraded the downstairs so much that it just made the upstairs look so outdated. They want to look at the house again but only if these things are done. SO we hired 3 contractors to come in and start blitzing tomorrow.She is not taking it off the

list but will only show to certain ones so that she can explain what is being done to the house.I Actually felt a huge releif. Its all surface crap that be easily changed they just dont want to be the ones to do it.We really had our priced to sell but they dont see the investment.So now that we have to sink more money then the mortgage payment just got high too!

So tomorrow I am going to finish up a couple projects and then keep destroying tilePhotobucket

Friday, April 17, 2009

Very Confused

It has been a very rough week here. We have had 3 walk throughs on the house and not one has gone well. Our poor realtor is beside herself as she doesnt want our house to have a stigma to it. I agree with her. But I am just so confused as to why. The last realtor that went through did give her a list so she is going to come over and we are going to go through it. I am mad though because evidently the interior paint is on that list. I HATED the job that the dumb kid did but I couldnt get it through wonderful hubbys head. So now they are saying it needs to be repainted. I dont agree with a total repaint but recutting in yes. I am blown away that the list is so long that she thinks we may need to do a blitz again or pull the listing. What in the heck are people wanting? I cant wait to get a look at this list so that we know what they want.
I was so upset today though I have had a hard time keeping it together.I took the whole day and just played in my sewing room. It felt good but it also felt wrong. Like I should have been fixing something. WOnderful hubby should be home soon so we can evaluate this somewhat. We are NOT taking it off the market. So I guess that means we just need to get busy again. The plan is for the kids and I to leave here in June so that I can get them set up for school. We have to make this happen.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just Because

I havent posted a picture of my little man in a while. He is showing off his new John Deere boots. I feel like I am missing out on so much of his growing up! I need a snuggle from him really really badly.
Today we got the first set of feedback on our house. I am glad we got it but I also wish I could put a boot up something.They were not nice at all. The realtor (ours) was ticked off. I know its all subjective.But its like showing off your kid. They obviously were not the right people for the house and I am fine with that but dang be a little nice! They said we should drop the price substantially( I probably spelled that wrong). We are way below the market analysis and below appraisal! Our house is over 3000 sq feet with two master suites! The kitchen had a 35,000 make over last year. Argh. Stupid head kacky people.
OK I am off my rant. I didnt want them to have it anyways! HAH. Piffle on them. I did get some very very good news today. My car my little dream mobile is being built this next week with a delivery date of the 20th of next month! WOO HOO snoopy dancing. I need to do a blog contest for a name.What do yall think?

Saturday, April 11, 2009


The youngest and I went on a field trip yesterday. She has outgrown everything she owns and needed a couple new pairs of shoes. (which BTW at the age of 9 she wears a womans 6.5!) I thought we should go get her some material for shorts n stuff. Look at ALL I found and almost all of it was 40% off!

We also decided to hit Gottschalks since they are going bankrupt and closing all their stores. Honestly the sale wasnt that great. The Dooney & Burke I want is cheaper if I get it on the website.Sigh. But I did find a great prize.Ü. 2 Lolita wine glasses and 3 Lolita Martini glasses! Also boa wine glass slippers.EVERY girly girl needs a few of these.

The practical side of me thought we needed the Fiesta plastic tray in red for the fifth wheel. That way wonderful hubby can serve me my martinis in bed.BIG GRIN.

This is a little dog blanket I made for a friends new puppy. Seriously.The puppy loved it and was dragging it around.It was so cute.I love puppies.

My mom has been on me to get some pictures for her of the family. There is a reason we pay professionals to do this! My patience and blood pressure were both in serious danger. I gave up before trying to use the self timer for a family photo. These were the best of the lot.

You notice skater boys expression never changed! Not to mention he is in serious need of a haircut. It was a complete and utter disaster that I am not going to repeat any time soon. And people wonder why I need medication............


Thursday, April 9, 2009

I bought this

Box of cereal to try and give this diet a shot. I opened it up today to try it. Before I knew it this was me!Somehow I dont think that you are supposed to finish off the box on the first day. Maybe the more you eat of it the more you will loose? Maybe????
It was pretty dang good but now I have guilt. For guilt I should of had a martini!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it normal

to dream about martinis? I have been dieting so long that I am now.Dreaming of them that is. So far i have only lost like 2 pounds. Is that really worth it? Argh. I have to loose a few more because i am not going to be able to pull off sweats in 90 degree weather. Besides the fact that Wonderful Hubby doesnt belive they should ever ever be worn in public. He is a clothing snob. I wont even tell you what he says about tube tops.Lol
So I know the realtor came today as she left a card on the counter. Thats all I know though. Our realtor did call to say she is getting requests for certain pictures so she is going to come back and take more.I know I know it all takes time. You see that doesnt help me. My mother said from the time I was born I was the most impatient person she has ever seen. When I make a decision I see no reason to wait. Just get it done and rip that band aid off!. Yeah its gotten me really far in life. I need to learn how to relax.Lol.

Spoiled is me!

How lucky am I that Val gave Jody my name in the fiesta swap! First off she is one of my closest BFFs. So this apron is extra extra special. But she also knows me so well its scarey! She boought me two pretty red fiesta shakers! Oh yeah, doin the snoopy dance here!
She also included an awesome recipie from her Hubby. He is just as wonderful of a cook as my wonderful hubby so I cant wait to try it!I of course am waiting to the last minute to make mine. Not really on purpose it just seems to be working out that way. I did however get my Booming March Apron done. I did not finish the nect tie however as that she will have to fit to her. I actually made two of these. One is for a swap that got misplaced.

Well we know where it is but its confusing. Oldest sent the apron off to the wrong addy. Thats ok though. I have to say I am not crazy about this pattern. Probably wont make it again. Its impossible to size any different then you see and it isnt lined. Yeah I dont like that. It looks unfinished on the back and too thin. Aprons are supposed to be sturdy.

Now EVERYONE but JODY guess what! JODY close your eyes and dont read this, K? We have a house showing tomorrow and then again before the end of the week! Craziness. It just has been on the market one week. Our realtor is really excited about both lookers. It wont be her showing though so we will have to wait for feedback.That might just kill me!


Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi Yall!

I couldnt come up with a good title so i thought I would just say hey!Ü

I came downstairs to this today.

I Guess the moral of this story is that you should never ever trust your older brother when he is holding duct tape!This is what is and was on the fram today. This little (NOT SO) beauty is a 120x118. I swear this woman is trying to carpet her home with quilts.
THis was a sweet little quilt thrown together for a grandaughter. She used all scraps and pretty much whipped this up in a night.Amazing.It also layed flater then any of mine ever have and was a joy to quilt.

This is what I whipped together this weekend. My youngest also known as the letter A and number 9 is outgrowing her clothing faster then I can keep up with.So I purchased 1 yard of material from Joannes.I dont know what it is called but its just a light cotton and the top is all gathered. I measured around cut off the extra then sewed it up using french seams. From the extra I cut ties and the bow. I put whit ribbon around the bottom and on the bow.It took maybe 3 hours.Walla! Summer dress. I am SO going back and buying every other print they have!

The bow looks terrible because I honestly cant tie a bow if my life depended on it. I need a good bow tier around here.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Tonights Post Is Brought To You

By the letter A and number 9.Ü. Youngest took off with the camera today after I asked her to get me a picture of the sign in our yard!

This is life through her eyes. I may need to get her professional help.

And oh yeah the bat dog is not ours she just visits with her people from time to time.


I cant believe

Its been 15 years that ER has been on T.V.I started watching with the very first show. I will admit that I stopped watching it about two years ago. it just had changed too much for my taste.I had to watch the final show though. They did a good job on it I thought. Nice to see the old faces back. I loved how they brought Reece and Rachel into it also. I sat there thinking how did they get that big! Wow talk about reality check. Lol. Its just a T.V. show!
I have a bear of a quilt on the frame right now. Its beautifully done.Lays flat and all that but its HUGE! And its all fish.I do mean ALL fish.I am also using a pantograph of you guessed it fish! I am sick sick sick of fish. I have about 5 more passes on this puppy to do and I can get it out. I didnt realise it was going to be so big when I loaded it. 119x120. Oy vey.
I am going to have a hard time getting a UFO finished this month. I may have to stop taking quilts in sooner then I was hoping too. I just am barely keeping up with the house and making sure it is realator perfect all the time. I wanna play! Wonderful hubby says to me yesterday. Wow I love the house like this. You should keep it like this more often. I really truly thought he was serious until I saw the gleam. That can I get her to blow a fuse gleam. I dont mine though. I am sure there are plenty of housekeepers in ND! Ü

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