I am running away from home

I have decided its time again. So tonight I am grabbing a bottle of champagne and a good movie and running over to one of my martini buddies house.I am on the lookout for a good movie though.Any ideas? We are looking for a good chic flick, and we dont mind shedding a tear or two.
Tonight the carpet guy is coming to finish the Vinyl. Then the realtor is supposed to come over and take pictures. I am leaving it ALL in wonderful hubbies hands. When I told him this last night he looked somewhat panic stricken. Oh well. As my skater boy son would say, Sucks to be you!...........Did I tell you I was cranky? Lol. It is getting better I swear. I think this is the final week of intense house work. Then it is all little stuff and me just keeping it all clean. I am even putting my sewing room back together today. My tile step isnt done yet but too bad. I need some "real" fiber content and I need to get my sanity back.Isnt it stupid that the only time your house is really the way you want it is the time you are trying to sell it?


Jan said…
ROTFLOL Did I ever mention that a couple of realtors called my longarm scary and ugly and suggested the only way the house would sell was to put it in a pod on the driveway.... uhm.. they didn't get the listing. Enjoy our fiber time!! Movies... well... Big Fat Greek Wedding?? Mama Mia? Will you really be watching or is it just background noise for the drinks and time out?
you know I dont know. It will all depend on how much whining time we all need.Ü
Anonymous said…
I think you need to watch YES MAN with Jim Carey.....I laughed so hard I cried & snorted HA HA HA even Mark laughed (or was he laughing at me?) anyhooo the champange will only make it funnier I am sure :) NO TEAR JERKING MOVIES YOU NEED FUN!

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