Its almost Midnight

And I cant sleep. That cant be good. Nope not good at all. My mind is whirling and twirling and I cant seem to stop it.
I finished my apron today. It was a modge podge of different patterns and ideas. I am SO very happy with how it turned out. Its for the I Love Lucy swap. I will get a picture of it tomorrow before I send it off to its new home.
But now I want my stuff. ALL my stuff. I want to create and I want to play. I am seriously thinking about opening an ETSY shop for all the stuff I want to make. What do yall think?
I also want to get this house wrapped up and all ours. Then I can paint and make curtains and rip things up! The first thing I am doing is Little As room. Wonderful Hubby is taking her back to Alaska for two weeks to see grands and I am going to blitz her room. I tried so hard to have her pick everything out. Two hours later in hobby lobby we had two come aparts,3 crying jags, and someone (not naming names) was thinking VERY bad thoughts.
So since I know the basic colors of what she wants I am going to do it while she is gone.What that means though is that tonight all I can do is think about what to get and what to order and where I am going to put everything.Argh. I also am getting WAY too excited about purchasing things. Its sick I tell ya. I am all twitter pated over a washing machine! I think it may have something to do with leaving the love of my life (my 4.5 LG that sang songs) in Alaska to be used by those people that are buying our house. Not right.....
It could also have to do with the thought of going back to the laundry mat tomorrow. Who knows.
I need to go to sleep before I drive you all away with mindless rambling.


Anonymous said…
I think you have a nice blog, but I really don't see why you are listed under QuilterBlogs database. I hope you'll work with them to remove yourself from their listing.
Rocksee said…
Um, Anonymous, she's a quilter, that'd be why..

Just to have your blog listed at QuilterBlogs you have to write about it 24/7?


Anyways, B, hope this is a good week for you!
Jan said…
I'm so glad you take the time to blog! I think we're twins seperated at birth LOL I think that we all have ways of distracting ourselves. Espeacially when in that holding pattern for a bit. And that holding pattern is hard on the little ones too. I bet her room turns out awesome!! Go Becca!
Anonymous said…
You know......if our families demand that we do laundry we need to have a decent washer/dryer to do it with. Seems like less of a chore that way. I remember all to well when we were building.....all the decisions about what colors,window treatments, floor coverings.......I spent many a night sleepless. Enjoy the process its fun.

Karen L

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