-1 outside

Yup I am SO excited to go out and work. My heater still doesnt work.The part we ordered is still sitting at the store.Great place for it huh. So I am still using little portable electric heaters. I turn them off when I am not in there.So it takes a while to warm up. I have lost two days this week, one to no electricity and one to heat.So think of me today,I will be going to work looking like this!
Just for your viewing pleasure. My beautiful fav cuz and handsome little man 11 days old.


Jan said…
I think that's when I would go on strike until said part arrived and magically installed. Brrrrrr
Vicki W said…
OK, that's REAL cold, not the panzy cold that we get here in Virginia!
Freda said…
That is cold Becca. I hope you don't get too cold in Gracie House.gater
Anonymous said…
I think we've got you beat. It's
-8 with a wind chill of -33 here!!!

Karen said…
Hi Becca - it's -11 here in CO with a wind chill of -33! I've been a hermit all day and just stitching away....

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