While Cleaning Out My Pictures

I ran across these. They were taken last year at the North Slope. Sunset in July at 4:45. Must of been on the camera from one of the work trips.
OK so I have been blog surfing today.What I have discovered is that about a dozen people who attempted to make marshmallows did in fact successfully make them this week! So I am armed with a new recipie (thank you Jan) and tomorrow I am going to stop procrastinating and show then stinkin marshmallows who is boss!
I havent been feeling all that great so i have been doing a lot of nothing. I need to change that tomorrow. I have at times worked on some top secret aprons.hee hee.All pretty and glitzy and for many people who shall remain nameless at this point. I may share pictures of 3 that will be going off to cali soon though. One of my bff's is going to have a fancy schmancy tea party.Sooooooooo.
What are yall up to this weekend?
Oh yeah it was unanimous! My New Business name when it is needed will be Turtle Trax! Thanks Ladies yall are truly awesome!


Jan said…
Those are gorgeous pics!!!! You'll do fine with the marshmallows!! I promise!! Those two recipes are pretty fail proof!! And if all else fails... go find a copy of that song from the muppets in space movie... get up off that thing... and shake it 'til you feel better ;-) Go Becca!!!!
Freda said…
Gorgeous pix Becca. I hope you feel much better today.
Beautiful pix! I see a quilt in the making when I look at those! :)
Good luck with the marshmallows and Turtle Trax is a great name for blog and business alike!

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