Zombie Mom

O.k I did it to myself. No one to blame but me well and the unnamed so called BBF in Cali. Who WILL be paid back. At 1 a.m. I made myself turn the computer off.It was so unbelivably hard as I just knew that next woot was going to be something I needed! At 7 this morning wonderful hubby got up to take oldest daughter to Anchorage (she will be known now as traveler girl) to leave me and visit grandparents in Cali.
I am having a hard time with her leaving me if you cant tell. Any ways I jumped out of bed bounded down the stairs tripping over a box holding 50 pink flamingos, grabbed a cuppa, kissed traveler girl goodbye, and glued myself back to the computer for the next woot.I scored 3 8 gb sd cards for 14$ a piece! That is a smokin deal for here. I had to have them shipped to my moms but thats o.k. she will send them on to me.I missed the ipod deal whatever that was. Darn my need for sleep!
I will just bet yall are wondering what I am doing with a huge box of 50 pink flamingos. Well truthfully I dont know.A friend asked if he could use our address to send them to and I said sure.They have to do with some sort of practical joke. I always love a good joke so sure. I will fill yall in when I know more.
I cannot figure out how to use the tool to move pictures!Sometimes it works sometimes it doest. Most of the time I just upload the pictures before I write that way I can put what I want to say above the picture.This morning because I am zombie mom you get to play find the mad ramblings between the pictures.Sorry. I was able to move the slippers just fine but the other stuff not so much.
So pretty easy to tell those first pictures are from the PJ party.Vicki, if you can see my youngest is wearing her tye dyed shirt! I actually have to rip that thing off of her to put it in the wash she loves it so much. I also posted a horrible picture of me but its proof I did not in fact lock myself in my bedroom with adult beverages as my many BFFs like to think! I DID sing very bad karoke and made even the maniacs running around my house cringe at high school musical songs they once loved.
The last picture is an all over I just finished on a customer quilt. She was so happy! I love it when that happens.Ü
This last picture is the slippers well technically its one slipper but I did make two. I also cropped out my very white in need of some excercise leg.I loooove these slippers. I am going to modify the next pair a little. Traveler girl gave me pouty face and I handed these over to her. I am such a self sacrificing mom zombie!

O.K. I think I am going back to bed for a nap before I have customers come for pick ups. And yes 1 drop off.UGH.........Well maybe I better check woot one more time.........


Jan said…
Those slippers are cute!! You are an awesome mom!! Around here the flamingoes all end up in a yard and people have to pay the flamingo herders to come retrieve them, and then they send them on to their BFF who told them about woot. ;-) also known as a fundraiser ;-)
Whooooo Hooo the slippers are turning out sew Darn Cute!!!!
I love them.. they are fantastic better than mine ;)

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