No more whining from me!

Cheryl and Karen have won ALL whining rights! When it gets to -30 anything even with windchill thats cold! The year traveler girl was born was the last time I remember being that cold. We were so so so poor and of course young and pregnant. We were living in a mobile home that we were hoping to purchase. With wind chill the temp dropped to 60 below.Our propane froze up and in a matter of minutes ALL my plants had dies.The ones that were by walls actually froze to the walls. It took me about 10 minutes to waddle around and grab the animals , then wonderful hubby and I went to his parents. I never went back to the mobile home. As far as I was concerned Anything with that thin of walls was not wher I was going to live.

It took me a few years to realize in -60 ther arent thick enough walls! I was young and being from cali well, I have stories on how stupid I was.Lol. I truly thought you moved into a place and called all the utility companies to turn everything on. Septic, well, power lines dug, Antenna????? Dont you just flip a switch????

Here is the latest Little man photo! I was so excited to see his eyes open.He is also on the quilt I made him! I know yall are probably thinking oh yay another baby picture. I meant to put this at the end so you could gloss over it but again my picture moving thingy is not cooperating...... Please excuse the demon eyes. Wonderful hubby took this last night with my camera phone. Evidently my computer will fix red eyes but not demon eyes. This is one of my bff's Melinda. She is such a sweet little thing. She is my cruise partner. For as little as she is this girl can pack away the food. On our last cruise I was all trying to eat dainty like until I noticed she had ordered like two dinners and 3 deserts! I was ecstatic. We had a 25th anniversary party to go to last night. We were so happy to see chocolate covered frozen cheesecake on a stick! Yuuuuuum.
I did get the quilt finished for the couple. I didnt however get a finished pic as I was finishing it on the way to the party! They were so cute, when they oped the gift the wife says ooooh its a Becca quilt. Lol. She turns around and says what pattern is this? So I tell her. She turns back around and her hubby says ha like that means anything to you? Lol. We busted up.
Ok I am going to go to work now. I have 2 1/2 customer quilts to finish. I am not going to whine about being cold and I am going to excercise in between quilts to work off what I ate last night......hahahahahah Not~


Karen said…
Becca - minus 19 this morning and now it's 1:15pm and "up" to -1. Jeesh! And frozen chocolate cheesecake - wow, does that sound good. Have one for me!
Jan said…
I'm not sayin anything about the evil test and now demon eyes LOL But if you wanted to fix it, I'd try that pet eye correction feature.

I want frozen choc cheese cake on a stick....... I don't even want to imagine -60. Seriously. Nope. I would have been gone. Sunspot baby.
Anonymous said…

-26 this morning and it is up to
-13 (wind chill -36) for todays high! Tonight only -18 !! I lived in a trailer here for 9 years! I can sympathise with your experiences!!!
Please don't write off ND - it is not usually this cold until at least January/February!!
Freda said…
It is 17 degrees here with a 11 degree wind chill and sleeting like crazy. I know that sounds like a heat wave to all of you but it is cold enough to me. Lynn just took Jazzy out and she wouldn't stay out, she looked at him like he was crazy. That cheesecake sounds good. Every body stay storstatwarm.
Freda said…
I don't know what that long word is. It is just supposed to be warm.

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