The Next Time

I open my big mouth and brag that I am caught up on work, someone Puleeeeeze come slap me! Why dont I know better? Most all others know that when you say something outloud like that you will be proven wrong! Within an hour after uttering those fateful words I had 3 more quilts. I JUST finished work for the day and it is sunday! That is just oh so very wrong.

I was so hoping to play this week. But now I will be working all day Monday and Wednesday. So far it looks like I may MAY get Thursday off. But I am not holding my breath. So much for working on slippers today.
The sort of slumber party went off with a bang! It was actually quite a blast. I even heard little girls say they didnt want to go home. Wow that is a huge compliment in my book. I dont even want to be here half the time and they loved it here! We sang high school music karoake on the wii and then dance dance revolution. I am a clumsy oaf on that but I did actually do some singing. I have been told by my youngest not to quit quilting however so I guess there will be no future career. I have pictures I will share later right now I am ready to crash.

But before I go just because I know yall are dying to see my little man Ü. I guess these posts should start coming with a warning sign!


Vicki W said…
So gld the party was such a success.....and you survived!
Freda said…
The party sounds like it was lots of funny. Yep you need to watch what you say out loud, sometimes just thinking of them is baaaaad. Tice is so cute.
Jan said…
Sounds wonderful!!!!! I see much HSM in my near future.... and I am very afraid LOL Glad you survived!! Now find some good tunes for Gracie house and the time will go faster!!

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