you know you're getting older when

you want to crawl into bed at 7 p.m. after work because you are sore and you are hearing pops and cracks when you stretch. Well I guess its either that or I am very very out of shape. Sigh. I guess that could be it but the solution would be to excercise more. I choose bed!
I had SUCH a bad night last night. Wonderful hubby left at 11. So of course no sleep. Plus we were arguing when he left. Not a big deal but I hate it when we are irritated at each other. Especially when he is leaving.Then oldest wakes up with a toothache. She says its been hurting for a few days. I could only look at her and think just HOW much trouble would I get into for throttling her! She leaves for my parents in a week and JUST now she tells me her tooth has been hurting for awhile? aaaaaargh.
But then I got this...................

Tices coming home Pic. All of a sudden nothing else mattered. Look at my beautiful little sugar bear. Cant you just see he is dreaming about snuggling with his favorite cuz, me! Oooooh I am so in love with this little guy. It hit me. If I get caught up on work I can spend more time sewing for him! So I kicked into high gear and got a lot done.Woo Hoo. I should be caught up and maybe a head by Friday.

Just in time for Saturday I have lost my sanity day. (more to come on that later)

ALSO big big BIG hugs to Jan. I am so sorry about Favorite dog. Too many loved pets lately. Too many. I had to give all my puppys a squeeze. I even hugged the cat from hell.Since the above mentioned man I am still irritated at isnt here to do it.


Ohhhhh Aweeee what a beautiful Baby... he is adorable.. and so cute.. he's dreaming of you ;)
jodybob said…
You can't be old--what does that make me??!!??
Tice is adorable, just like his cuz.
Freda said…
Tice is so cute Becca. I know about being irritated with DH. Lynn and I have worked together for 21 years. That means we are together 24/7 but we haven't killed each other yet. Have a great day.
Jan said…
Oh I hate it when they leave when it isn't resolved!! Sending you hugs back!! I hope today looks better... if not.. shop online ;-)

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