Homemade marshmallows Part one

I SHOULD have said Marshmallow mess part 1! It all started out fine. I followed all the directions to the tee. It was looking pretty. The part where I think I went wrong was in doubling the batch. Im not sure on that though. It could be that my mixer is going to die. I just couldnt get them to set up! I beat and beat and beat. But when I poured them into the pan they still were not forming peaks. But I didnt know what to do so I just poured anyways. It wasnt as if it was runny but it just wasnt right. This recipie was supposed to be fool proof! HA! They hadnt met me had they.What I decided was to just leave them overnight and deal with it in the morning! Maybe they will harden enough that I can cut cute shapes out and pretend.Ü.It does taste good.That much I did right.

This is what I found in my sewing room this morning! Only a child of a quilter or seamstress can find a way to express this without paper.Lol

This is what I got done today. Its a customer quilt. The same drop and run as fast as you can out the door customer. She wanted me to self bind it. Well ok. Tomorrow it gets delivered.I will tell you this much. She did a great job.Its one of those stack n wacks. mmmmmmmm. Doing that with women on motorcycles.Well it gives the blocks a WHOLE new perspective.Kinda creepy.

Hehehe I found this quite by accident today! I think I need this! I really really do. That way I can threaten the animals that if they dont behave I WILL wear this to the next football party! Ooooooooh yeah I do need this.


Freda said…
Becca I can't help with the marshmellows but please don't show us a pic of your football attire. lol
Jan said…
ROTFLOL... can you make fudge? If so, I'll trade you marshmallows for fudge.... unless you are supposed to eat fudge with a spoon....

LOVE the pincushion!!!!!!!

If I threatened to wear that, they would just push it to see if I would.... total backfire... which means I would then plan something I really secretely wanted... so.. anything you want to tell us?! :-D
Nini Morris said…
Yup...it was the doubling the recipe that gave you problems...

Once you make it soupy it will practically never set up, but it does make great Rice Krispie Treats!
I have doubled the marshmallow recipe with no luck also. Gooey, but still good in hot choc for the kids. Love the slippers! You are busy, busy!

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