Friday, December 19, 2008

To Change Or Not Change

This is way too early to be concerned about this but today is one of those days. I am missing my traveler girl, I am a tad depressed, and I cant seem to get motivated. So I am obsessing over this one thing.

My business name.Yall thought I was talking about something else huh? Nope, its my business name. When I picked the name Storm At Sea it was totally because I had like ten minutes to come up with something.It didnt ring bells and their is no attatchment. So with the whole move looming over our heads I am thinking it may be a good time...Its not like I am nationally known or anything.Just locally.Not really for my quilting either, more for getting in trouble.

So what do yall thing? I could totally change my business name to something else.Like Lafonda...Sorry bad Napolean Dynamite flashback....Really I was thinking that Turtle Trax might be good.Minot ND just happens to be at the base of the turtle mountains. (really how cool is that!)


Jody said...

Bec--I like it--you should have a turtley name!!

Jan said...

LOL I so get the obsessing thing. My bathrooms have entire new caulk jobs. Hey.. it distracted me ;-)

I love that name! Now quick! Go see if the domain is available!!! :-D

Vicki W said...

Of course it should be turtle Trax!

Karen said...

Turtle Trax fits! I couldn't relate to you in any other way - and the N.D. thing is just too cool of a coincidence. Go for it Becca!

Freda said...

I vote for turtle trax too Becca.