I Just Realized

I havent posted any fiber content in a really long time! One might wonder if I am just a lot of talk and no action! Lately its ALL about the customers. I always shake my head at this time of year at the panic that goes across the faces of normally very calm people. I have one lady a new quilter who just finished her first quilt for her hubby. She drops it off in a run and tells me after I can look at it to call her and let her know how much.

I know why she was running. She didnt attach the borders or get her backing ready. So I called her and gave her a quote for all of the above. I hear a gulp and then can you please fit me in?????? Sure, I can, I really dont need to sleep this week. I can do that next week. Ü

This is the back of one of mine. I took the picture with my camera phone since I STILL dont have my new camera in. I used wool batting and am so much in love with wool that I want a whole bolt of it! This was just an all over free hand. It looks messy but its not really. I am binding it and then it will be the one that moves the turtle next!
This is the mess on my sewing table right now. Whenever I walk by I try and cut another slipper piece out. I want so badly to sit down and work on them but well, its that whole customer thing again. I have learned one thing. There was a reason that I got rid of all the minkee I had and ONLY use it for backings! Its is sooooooooooooo messy!
ooooooh I hear the timer of the oven going off. A Dutch Apple Pie. Dont cha just love Mrs. Smiths? Yuuuuuum.


Freda said…
Your freehand looks great Becca. What are the slipper pieces going to be used for? Inquiring minds want to know. Have a great day and I hope the pie was good.
Jan said…
Cue the cappuccion machine ;-) Quilting looks great!! I'm with Freda, spill it on the slippers...
love the quilting, love the slippers in progress, but LOVE-LOVE the baby pic! have fun.
jodybob said…
Great job on the quilting--you can have the slippers--but don't forget I like to wear them!!!

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