The Marshmallow Has Won

I am defeated. I tried so hard today to make a good batch of marshmallows. Its just not going to happen. In fact the last batch is SO bad that I am afraid of it! It is definitey of a brownish color and the peppermint oil I put in was a tad bit stronger then I had at first thought.
There HAS to be some sort of self help group for people like me. They did set up but I was never ever able to get them cooked without burning them.So Marshmallow 169 Becca-0.
I am now going to go back into the sewing room where I can piece curves, bind a mean corner, and make perfect star points. Well perfect to me anyways.I am going to stay OUT of the kitchen and let you baker type people know you are truly my heros! I WILL NOT be tempted by you again though!Ü


Jan said…
Oh no!!!! I'm so very sorry!!!! The cabana boy says when we win the lottery on Wed, we'll fly you down for marshmallow 101 ;-) I have never tried it with any kind of flavoring oil so I'm no help there. Sorry!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
LOL...sorry becca, i'm laughing with you not at must go check out my "oh fudge" post!
Debbie said…
Becca, I believe there may be a Jet-Puf conspiracy at work here. I've heard talk of sleeper-cell 'mallowists hiding in neighborhoods and working under the cover of darkness to defeat the home-cooked 'mallow-maker in the interest of perpetuating the sale of their bagged products. Shameful, isn't it? Seriously. Stuff like this happens. Beware the fat, pillowy fellow that knocks on your front door asking to use the can just not be too careful.
I feel your pain!! Every year I try to make the divinity candy. My grandma always made it growing up and it's something I associate with my grandma and Christmas. I cannot get a batch to come out successfully. I don't think I'm cut out for candy making.

Merry Christmas!!

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