A Rough Couple of Days

I have been battling a sinus infection for about a week. I always get this time of year. No humidity here is brutal. I thought I had gotten the upper hand. Yesterday though I woke up and thought literally I was going to die. I am pretty sure I uttered it a few times.
So wonderful hubby packed me into the car and took me to the doctors. If you can belive this though we dont have ONE walk in clinic anymore! I had to wait until 1 o clock fo an appointment. Then of course you wait another hour or so beofre you can even see a doctor.By then I had a full blown migrane.
The wonderful doctor now my hero took one look at me with my hair on end and still wearing jammies and said wow you must really be feeling bad today.Lol. Hubby found great humor in this. He did give me a perscription but he also had a nurse come in and give me a couple injections in the nether regions. Shes all appologetic about it and keeps saying shes sorry its goona hurt. I couldnt of cared less. I will tell you that about a minute later when the pain started to lift I wanted to kiss her.
Then the doctor comes back in and tells wonderful hubby that I am going to get really tired so just put me to bed and let me slepp.Wow that was an understatement! I slept from the second I got in the truck to just a few minutes ago! I wonder if I can get those shots in a six pack?
I do feel 100% better. The sinus infection is still there but I have stuff to take care of that now and I can deal.
I have to warn you.There are a LOT of photos.These are all the ones that I have been taking this last week but forgetting to post. I am trying really hard to get some things done before my official count for next year. After I work for a couple hours today I am going to play some more and see what else I can get done. I am so happy I feel like playing again!

JODY recognize what this is? hehehehehe. I have almost all my blocks done. Then I can start putting them together.Jody and I are making two quilts each. That way we will have matching quilts. We started these like 4 years ago. My first thangle kit ready to be quilted!

My second thangle kit that I threw away the thangles on and revamped to this.Ü

My awesome secret sis sent me this and I kept meaning to make it. What a fun little project. Thank you SS if you read this.

The 3 fancy schmancy aprons I am sending to one of my BFFs and her daughters. I am going to make an apron like this for one of the three that I will be giving away in Feb.

Purses I have had done for awhile just had to put on the handles. I am sending these with the aprons for the girls.

Thats it for now! I guess this means its time to get dressed and get busy. I am so happy with my head today no more stupid head.


Jan said…
I'm glad you are feeling better!!!
Suzanne Earley said…
Wow, I've never been offered shots like that when I've had sinus infections. Oh, was it for the migraine, though??

Anyway, I'm glad you are feeling better. Isn't fun to finish things???
Vicki W said…
Sure am glad you are feeling better! I wonder what was in that magic shot?
Freda said…
I'm glad you are feeling better Becca. I love the aprons and the purses. You go girl!!!
Sorry you were sick. Love all the stuff you've been working on. And the new blog page is so pretty.

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