Overwhelming day

Boy oh boy yesterday was a long day. I did get out of that basket Freda!hahahahah. By the time I went to bed last night though I was so tired I couldnt think straight. Thats not totally unusual but this time it was worse.Not that I did anything physical mind you just an emotionally tiring day.

Right before I left the house last evening though my oldest brings me in the mail. The second part to my secret stitcher gift. WOW! First thought was How in the heck does this lady know me so well! Then I got all weepy. I cant tell you what this little guy meant to me at that time. Hardest thing in the world for me not to be with my favorite cuz. I immediately put him on and havent taken him off. He is so wonderful and I really really love him. Thank you for spoiling me beyond belief!

Now look at this little man! He is just the sweetest thing I have seen! I am counting down the days till I can go love on him. Wonderful hubby being the guy I love so much snuck into my email last night and emailed fav. cuz.Here is his email.

Amy, The most wonderful, hope all is well
This is Jerry, hey remember when we get there I get to hold the baby first, cuz bec is staying longer than I.
oh ya you look pretty in all the pic's
Love Jer

He really cracks me up sometimes! Atleast this time I dont have to appologise to anyone. This man has a habit of playing in my email. He responds to people and they will think it is me. Oh the stories I could tell, or Jody could tell. Hehehe

I keep forgetting to tell Yall I actually will be moving the turtle again this week! I dont think I am going to get ALL my UFOs completed but thats ok I already bought myself a present. I am however going to recount on Jan 1 and start ALL over. This should be scary. Hopefully not as scary as last count but still scary!


Jan said…
Oh he is a sweetie!! Hope you get to hold him soon!! Love the necklace!!!! Hope today is less exhausting!
Freda said…
He is a cutie Becca. I hope today is a better day. I love the necklace.

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