Coffees Not Working Get Out The Jumper Cables!

Third cup in front of me and all I want to do is crawl back in bed. Its ten oclock!

We lost power for a few hours yesterday. Boarder boy about put me in a straight jacket. That poor boy is very dependent on electricity. He finally found something to entertain him. He found that if he poked holes in the big 4 wick candle that we had going on the counter that the wax would create a river down the counter top. He then could create dams and divert it whichever way he wanted.

You know what? I let him. It was sooooooooooo much easier then listening to the complaining.

My new camera came in the mail yesterday.Woooohoooooo! I can now take some pictures of projects I got done. I completed my first pair of slippers so now I am ready to make the pair that I will send to my swap partner.Ü I looooove them. I may be making a few more of them.So easy. Dont you love fast projects that give you instant gratification?

I also can take a picture of my fancy schmancy apron I got from Kristen J. She did a fabulous job and even sent me a shiny glitzy headband! Ooooh lala. I just cant wait for my camera battery to charge.Hopefully the power stay on.


Vicki W said…
Glad your power is back on and I hope you get your internal power back on soon too!
Jan said…
Go straight to espressos.... I did capuccino all week just to keep from getting duct taped. I so understand the just let it go.... hope your power stays on!!

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