Traveler Girl Is On Her Way

This is not a happy day. I have changed my mind and she needs to come back! I know she needs to do this and it will be good for her but she is like my right hand! She does all my errands for me and laughs at my stupid jokes. HOW does one do all their errands when they dont have a teenager? I need something from the grocery store and dang it I am going to have to go myself! I hate hate hate leaving my house to go to the grocery store. My mom called this morning to make sure she had packed a coat (always a mom) and I told her NOT to be too nice as I want my traveler girl to come home! She just laughed.Kind of a wicked laugh if you ask me too.

Well I guess I will be counting the days until the 6th.That is when the rest of us fly to my fav. cuz.s house to play with the baby and we will meet them there.

Just in case you were wondering THIS is what 50 pink flamingos look like in a big box!

Meet Tango.I dogsat her today. She comes and visits me quite often. Her owner is one of boarder boys friends so Tango and I have bonded. She is worse then a little kid though. Her owner took boarder boy to his German lessons for me as I had customers coming. He didnt do to well at sneaking out of the house and she busted him.So then until he came back she tried her hardest to convince me that she should be let out to go find him....
Here is the finished product! Yeah I SO worked today.Ü. I would send them off tomorrow but I decided I wanted to make homemade marshmallows and cocoa mix to send with them. Sigh. The whole grocery store problem. So now in between customers I will have to go to that place....

Very bad picture warning but since I forgot to have traveler girl take them I had to make do.At least you cant see the face with no make up and hair in a clip. The apron on the other hand is beautiful. This is the flirty fancy apron that Kristen made me. I LOVE it! The matching glitzy headband is pretty darn awesome too.

Ok I need to go finish the binding on a quilt that HAS to be done by Sunday. This is the same one I have been saying I am going to get done this past week. Argh. I keep getting sidetracked.


jodybob said…
Great picture of you and the apron!! Love the hair! Did you go to the store?!?
Freda said…
Becca I love, love love those slippers. I may have to start making slippers.
Jan said…
Your blog is becoming very dangerous to visit.... so far this morning I have decided I need a new glizty apron.... house shoes... and to find out what kind of dog that is.... and I haven't finished one cup of coffee yet. LOVE both those aprons!! I hope traveler girl at least sends you a postcard!!!
Love the apron and the slippers.. how sweet. Sounds like you did have fun trying to make home made marshmallows ;)
Give the little pooch a pat for me :)

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